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Bethany; twenty-one year old college student under the southern California sun. Raised around the world. Currently a disneyworld photography intern.
The most beautiful things in all of the universe are the most mysterious.
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  • "The best revenge is not giving a shit."
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  • I know not who you are

    So I had a really great day at work the other day. Other than taking pictures of four surprise proposals, I got to take my breaks with a Rapunzel and Flynn Rider in training. During my first break, I was sitting next to the new Flynn and he was practicing his voice (sorry, no character integrity here) and can I just say… He’s amazing. He sounds JUST. LIKE. FLYNN RIDER. It was like listening to the movie.

    If any of you know, I’m absolutely obsessed with Tangled. It’s my favorite Disney movie (well, top 3). So I’m sitting next to him and I’m just on my phone listening to him talk, “Let’s go, Blondie." And "Let’s just assume for the moment everyone here… Doesn’t like me." And then he says with his best deep sultry voice,

    I know not who you are or how I came to find you but can I just say… Hey… HEEEEY! Hey, Bethany!" And he moves into my line of vision and he’s been trying to get my attention for this line. And I look at him and he makes the Flynn Rider smolder face at me, "Hey. How ya doin’?” And ugh, days like these make me love my job.

    Anyway. Interacting with him as he practices to be Flynn Rider was really fun. I wish I could’ve made videos and took pictures but I didn’t want to be rude.

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  • "Our journey is not measured in how many miles we’ve traveled, it’s measured in how much we’ve changed."